IAG is Australia’s largest general insurer with our 15,000 employees rallied behind our purpose: “We help make your world a safer place”. This is whether you are a customer, partner, employee, shareholder or part of the communities in which we serve.

If IAG wants to make a valuable contribution to any community in Australia, it must start with our country’s First Peoples.

At IAG, we commit to support Reconciliation by embodying the IAG Spirit.


Closer – our connections with Indigenous organisations, individuals, bodies and businesses will be real, long-lasting and deep. They will be built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and recognition. They will help all involved to succeed.

Braver – we pledge to stand up for what’s right. Achieving Reconciliation in our country is not an easy task. At IAG, we aim to devote our expertise, passion and resources to achieving a future where our Indigenous peoples, businesses and communities are empowered.

Faster – we also commit to be proactive, and decisive in executing our RAP committments. We will act faster in helping to redress the imbalance that exists in our society.

We have much to learn from the oldest, continuous civilisation: The success of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s across humankind’s history is testament to their inventiveness and resilience.

Our 2015-2017 Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan is our road-map to: deepening our commitment to Reconciliation; celebrating the inventiveness and creativity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and ensuring their continued success across future generations.