Our governance

To embed our Reconciliation commitments across our businesses, IAG has established a governance framework.

RAP Governance


The Role of the IAG Reconciliation Steering Committee:

  • Ultimate owners of Indigenous strategy and RAP
  • Drivers of indigenous strategy and alignment to people and business strategy
  • Engage with other leaders in the area of Reconciliation
  • Signal indigenous strategy is a business issue with leadership commitment
  • Connection to IAG Board and IAG Executives
  • Thought leadership, review, debate and agreement on strategic direction
  • High level monitoring of progress and delivery against indigenous strategy and RAP

Role of IAG RAP Working Group:

  • Drivers of indigenous strategy and alignment to IAG business strategy
  • Advisory body to pilot potential Indigenous initiatives before roll out across organisation or with partners
  • Provides subject matter resources and input for indigenous projects as defined by SteerCo and Indigenous Manager
  • Advocates and champions Indigenous strategy and initiatives at ‘grass roots’ level
  • Support IAG Indigenous Engagement Manager to implement RAP actions

Role of IAG Indigenous Engagement Manager

  • Accountability and ownership of IAG’s RAP, including monitoring progress in accordance to Reconciliation Australia’s requirements
  • Driver of Indigenous strategy and alignment to IAG’s broader strategy and purpose
  • Build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations
  • Coordinator of external and internal IAG-led RAP initiatives
  • Evaluation and approval of proposals, partnerships and funding requests in consultation with IAG Steering Committee and IAG RAP Working Group