Message from IAG MD & CEO Peter Harmer

IAG MD & CEO Peter Harmer

At IAG, we’re driven by our desire to make Reconciliation a reality in our country.

We believe that as market leaders, our role extends beyond the responsibilities we have to deliver for our customers and shareholders, to creating a legacy, where we have a positive influence on the communities we serve.

This is because today, businesses and communities are inextricably linked: where one prospers, the other thrives.

The fact remains that our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are not thriving.

While there is still a long way to go, at IAG, we will be braver in our response to closing this gap devoting our expertise, passion and resources to helping to achieve a future where our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities are empowered.

We will act faster in helping to redress the imbalance that exists in our society. We will be proactive and decisive in executing our RAP commitments.

And we will forge even closer ties with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, individuals, and businesses that we currently have partnerships with.

We welcome you to this website where you can read about our contributions and learn more about the inspirational work of our Indigenous partners.