Showing respect: Acknowledgement of Country

SMOKING CEREMONYAt IAG we have a new custom that has enriched our 150-plus years of heritage.

Before any significant event, our Australian offices acknowledge the traditional Indigenous people as the original custodians of the land.

This is a practice that has been embraced at IAG and embedded into our processes through a Cultural Protocols document that outlines the significance of an Acknowledgement of Country and when to invite an elder to perform a Welcome to Country ceremony.

IAG Personal Insurance Chief Executive and RAP Steering Committee Chair Andy Cornish says: “We are seeing across the business, our people embracing the importance of acknowledging the local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people as traditional custodians.

“Acknowledgements at events are an ongoing reminder of the history Indigenous people have in our country and provides an opportunity to continue to discuss our RAP commitments with internal and external stakeholders,” he says.