Andy Cornish Indigenous Intern of the Year Scholarship Award

We are delighted to announce that IAG will offer an annual scholarship for an outstanding intern with CareerTrackers, which will be known as The Andy Cornish Indigenous Intern of the Year Scholarship Award. This is in recognition of the profound contribution Andy has made towards driving the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) vision of the empowerment of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities.

Andy was instrumental in leading IAG to launch its first RAP in 2013. Some of the RAP achievements include:

  • The signing of CareerTrackers 10×10 Partnership offering internships to indigenous students during their university breaks
  • Our partnership with AIME supporting young indigenous high school students and
  • Our sponsorship of the NPY Women’s Council supporting indigenous women in remote communities

The new Andy Cornish Indigenous Intern of the Year Scholarship Award will be offered in partnership with CareerTrackers. It will be open to all current CareerTrackers Interns with a minimum of one year of university and one summer placement completed. The successful student will be awarded the equivalent of AU$10,000 across course fees, books, technology and cash.

An IAG panel (including Andy Cornish) will evaluate the candidates with Peter Harmer presenting the award at an internal ceremony every February.

Peter Harmer paid tribute to Andy at his farewell two weeks ago, where he was presented with a ceremonial spear and shield.

The artefacts were made by Tom Barker who currently lives in Lightning Ridge NSW. He was taught by his Father, Roy Barker of Brewarrina in NSW. The tradition of making artefacts was passed down by the men & Elders of the Murrawarri nation. The wood used is typically Mulga and Ring Gidgee from north western NSW and weapons were designed for both hunting land and sky.

Tom Barker has a close connection with CareerTrackers and has his artefacts showcased among the offices. Tom has one daughter who works at the CareerTrackers and the other currently interning with Sydney Theatre Company. Because of these close connections, Tom has proudly donated these gifts to Andy Cornish as a thank you and to show his appreciation of support for the program.