IAG renews partnership with Message Stick

IAG has recently renewed its agreement with Indigenous teleconferencing provider Message Stick, having signed last week to use Message Stick services to February 2018. This renewal further cements our long standing relationship with Message Stick, dating back to our first agreement with the company in 2005.

Our agreement with Message Stick showcases our commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses and communities as part of our Reconciliation strategy.

“IAG’s engagement with Message Stick is a fine example of our Reconciliation commitments to support the growth of Aboriginal-owned and operated businesses, where it’s commercially viable, in turn helping to create positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities,” said Phil Lockyer, IAG’s Indigenous Engagement Manager. ​

IAG-2016-Peter-HarmerAbout Message Stick

In Indigenous culture, inscribed wooden message sticks communicated with different tribes or nations. The sticks were carried by hand, with the carrier granted safe passage across different territories. IAG was Message Stick’s first major corporate client in 2005, and we are proud to be able to continue our relationship with the company.

We share a close relationship with Message Stick CEO Michael McLeod who we thank for helping us develop our Reconciliation strategy. Michael is an example to all, having overcome personal adversity as a child before achieving success in public health and education and then as co-founder of Message Stick.