RAP Commitments

In developing our Stretch RAP, IAG is focused on fostering relationships, cultivating respect and creating opportunities for our First People.


At IAG, we are constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond what we already know, to imagine a future world that is safer, stronger and more confident for all people. To build a future where our…

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Respect Our First Peoples are custodians of the world’s oldest, continuous culture. This must be respected and honoured so that we may learn from our past to prepare all of our communities for a future where Reconciliation…

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As a market leader, we have a great responsibility to take care of the communities we serve by helping make their world a safer place. At IAG, we want to extend these opportunities to our…

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Tracking progress & reporting

Under our obligations to Reconciliation Australia, the governing body for Reconciliation, IAG commits to regular reporting and updates on the progress of our RAP commitments.

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What we have achieved

In 2013, IAG unveiled its first RAP. This was an Innovate RAP, which was created by Reconciliation Australia to ensure organisations with developed relationships with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders are ready to…

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